About Lingo

I grew up in a small town north of Montreal. It was a big deal when we got a Dairy Queen.

When I got older, Montreal became my backyard. I got my first job and first apartment. But my path led me down the 401 to…

Toronto, where I went to graduate school, ate a lot of Pizza, Pizza, and took a left turn into publishing. Then one day I was offered the chance to immigrate to the United States. I figured, why not?

I settled in Los Angeles. I rode the buses. The buses sucked. I got my first car—hallelujah! Hated the traffic. Loved diving at Catalina. Made great friends. Loved the sunshine. Hated the heat. Hated the traffic. Heard Canada calling me back…

And now I’m living on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. Mountains and trees. Rocky beaches and lakes. More mountains, more trees. Folks who say “eh” (yay!). A leisurely pace, a casual vibe.

After decades of big city living and a 20-year stint as an expat, I’m home.